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Ai PLATFORM - Ai Assembly Line

Personal work. I left this one pretty rough, just exploring some software and design pipeline processes. Turntable animation at the end:

Once your planet commissions the development and construction of your very own intergalactic spacecraft, the Ai platform is erected. The Ai seed, over the next seven years, will gradually evolve, increasingly absorbing and analyzing all the data of its host planet / civilization into its collective data matrix. At the same time, perched at the top of the observation platform, the Ai will gaze, unceasingly across all spectrum and frequencies, unto the spectacle of the cosmos. It is believed this act is responsible for the Ai's fundamental passion and predisposition for space exploration.

Assembly line... every budding seed of Ai excitedly waiting to be assigned to the next planetary candidate for an intergalactic space exploration vessel. It's a very big honor, and allows the fledgling planet to take to the stars!